Cats of S*Honeysuckle's


Z-litter 2014-07-05

Dam: DK*Lykken's Cassiopeia, a

Sire: CH S*Honeysuckle's Royal Lochnagar, es 09 22 (ds 09 22)


S*Honeysuckle's Zabaione  MCO a 09 22


S*Honeysuckle's Zamantha MCO f 22

Lives in Borås with fam. Anna Bjulén


Lives in Hisings Backa with Sara Ellertz SE*IzTazz cattery



S*Honeysuckle's Zanzibar (Zeb), n 09 22   S*Honeysuckle's Zeraphine (Zephi), gs 09 22
Zeb moved to Maria Andersson and Thomas Jansson in Olofstorp.   Zephi lives in Skene with Julia & Elias
A sad accident happened so Zeb went over the rainbow bridge    



S*Honeysuckle's Zinfandel (Johnny), MCO a 22
Johnny lives in Gråbo with Angelica and Joakim



A-litter 2015-06-10
Dam: S*Honeysuckle's Yazz, d 09 22
Sire: CH S*Honeysuckle's White Prince, w 62

S*Honeysuckle's Arielle, w 62

  S*Honeysuckle's Akasha (Ulf) w 62

Arielle lives in Göteborg with Annlis Fohlin

  Ulf lives in Rydal with Jenny Samuelsson



S*Honeysuckle's Adriana, f 09 22   S*Honeysuckle's Atena, f 09 22
Adriana lives in Västra Frölunda with Anna Göransson and family   Atena lives in Västra Frölunda with Anna Göransson and family



S*Honeysuckle's Azure (Albert) d 09 22
Albert lives in Vårgårda with Ingwor Bjelke and family


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