Cats of S*Honeysuckle's




S-litter 2011-09-02

Dam: S*Honeysuckle's Isabel f 22

Sire: CH IDP*Manitou's Akis ns 09 22


S*Honeysuckle's Sahara "Gizmo" MCO d 22


S*Honeysuckle's Strathisla MCO d 09 22

Lives in Ljung with Marie Samuelsson and family


Lives in Göteborg with Gull-Britt and Ulf




S*Honeysuckle's Sapphire "Bella" MCO n


S*Honeysuckle's Savannah, MCO ns 09 22

Lives in Vara with Irene Tinér Idlöf and family


Lives in Svensbyn with Ida Johansson S*Barrskogens





T-litter 2011-10-21

Dam: DK*Lykken's Sofie f 09 22

Sire: S*Honeysuckle's Play the Game "Ozzy" e 22
S*Honeysuckle's Tiara "Selma" MCO e 22
Selma lives in Gothenburg with Emily Lindberg
S*Honeysuckle's Tequila, MCO d 22
Lives i Olsfors with fam. Joakim Juhlin Mohlin

S*Honeysuckle's Taittinger "Sigge" MCO a 22
Sigge lives in Timmersdala with fam. Anette Svensson
S*Honeysuckle's Teo Torriate, MCO a 22
Teo lives in Örebro with fam. Jonas Eriksson
S*Honeysuckle's Tullamore Dew "Frasse", MCO d 22

Frasse lives in Floda with fam. Jeanette Hansson



U-litter 2012-03-29
Dam: S*Honeysuckle's Mackmyra "Myra" e 22
Sire: DK*Lykken's Simba By The Sea "Simba" n 22
S*Honeysuckle's Ulltuss MCO f 22   S*Honeysuckle's Ullviva MCO f 22

Ulltuss lives in Bohus Björkö with Diana Däversjö och Hannes Frej


Ullviva lives in Väckelsång with Emma Rosbladh


S*Honeysuckle's Ullstrumpa MCO d 22


S*Honeysuckle's Ulltott MCO d 22

Ullstrumpa lives in Hestra with fam. Cathrine Persson


Ulltott lives in Uddevalla with Charlotte Graepler


S*Honeysuckle's Ullspinn "Charlie" MCO d 22
Charlie lives in Bromma with Jessica Hansson S*Ulltrollets


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