Cats of S*Honeysuckle's


B-litter 2015-11-22

Dam: DK*Lykken's Sofie, f 09 22

Sire: Kung Cool's Luke, a 09 22


S*Honeysuckle's Believe In Red


S*Honeysuckle's Black Wizard

Lives in Höganäs with Agnes Schmidt


Lives in Jonstorp with Magdalena Ahlberg



S*Honeysuckle's Blue Heaven "Albert"
Lives in Vårgårda with Ingwor Bjelke



C-litter 2016-02-06
Dam: DK*Lykken's cassiopeia, a
Sire: CH S*Honeysuckle's White Prince, w 62


S*Honeysuckle's Crystal, w 62   S*Honeysuckle's Caressa,a
Crystal lives in Vissefjärda with Alexander Kjellström   Caressa lives in Helsingborg with Veronica Stjernkvist



D-litter 2016-07-04

Dam: Manitou's Andromeda, f 09 22

Sire: Sevgilim's Echo Tripping, ns 21


S*Honeysuckle's Destiny, ns 09 23


S*Honeysuckle's Dark Princess

Lives in Harestad with Ann-Christin Bengtsson


Lives in Skövde with Sara Jern




S*Honeysuckle's Dragon Blood


S*Honeysuckle's Dream Catcher,d 09 22

Dragon Blood lives in Kumla with Maria Linby


Lives in Ulricehamn with Pernilla Svantesson



S*Honeysuckle's Diablo, n 09 23
Diablo lives in Kinna with Pernilla Ivarsson





E-litter 2016-12-05

Dam: S*Honeysuckle's Yazz, d 09 22

Sire: Sevgilim's Echo tripping, ns 21


S*Honeysuckle's Elmer


S*Honeysuckle's Enzo

He moved to Janette Wisell, but he got sick and ended his short life


Lives in Västra Frölunda with Anna Göransson and S*Honeysuckle's Atena


S*Honeysuckle's Eliahs of Echo, d 23   S*Honeysuckle's Eliotte of Echo, d 22
Charlie lives in Limmared with Jimmie Pettersson   Eliotte lives in Klädesholmen with Magdalena Kvarning


S*Honeysuckle's Esther of Echo, fs 09 23   S*Honeysuckle's Estelle of Echo, fs
Esther lives in Kinna with Peder Josefsson   Ellie stayed here but suddenly became ill and had to move on





F-litter 2017-03-03

Dam: Lynx Luna Whispers of Escapades, f 23

Sire: CH S*Honeysuckle's White Prince, w 62


S*Honeysuckle's Faith of Prince, w 62


S*Honeysuckle's Fiona of Prince, w 62

Lives in Onsala with Joel Sonn Lökholm


Fiona stays her in S*Honeysuckle's Cattery


S*Honeysuckle's Fairytale of Prince, n 23   S*Honeysuckle´s Florean of Prince, n 23
Lives in Dalsjöfors with Emelie Benjaminsson   Lives in Värnamo with Enrique Lilja



S*Honeysuckle's Fenix of Prince, a
Lives in Kinna with Pernilla Ivarsson and S*Honeysuckle's Diablo


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